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Send email or text messages to employees.  This is especially useful for contacting service technicians in the field.


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Currently available in the Job Cost Area inquiry, the graph is available in either Dollar format or Percent Complete.  Compares Current Estimate against Job-To-Date costs.


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Capture documents pertaining to an Accounts Payable Invoice or Job Cost Area  and view them in the inquiry.

Mobile Labor Entry

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Input labor to a Job or Work Order using the Mobile Labor package.  Use a tablet or other mobile device to enter labor at the job site, which can then be approved and generated into the “live” labor file.  Also available is the Mobile Job Inquiry.

Don’t forget that Direct Deposit, Laser Check Printing, and Labor Batching are available as part of the standard Payroll module.

Work Order Calendar

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Assign multiple technicians to a work order.  Define a start date and time, scheduled number of hours, actual start date and time, and actual end time.  Scheduled techs can be viewed on a calendar in a monthly, weekly, or daily view.  Email or text a technician directly from the calendar.